(Moderator), Atlantic Fellow based at Tekano

Ntebaleng Morake is responsible for coordinating the SJC’s education activities, the curriculum for political education and program education. She also leads the SJC’s fellowship programme. Morake’s work requires her to address various issues ranging from spatial apartheid in post-apartheid South Africa, security of tenure for people living in informal settlements and access to dignified service for poor and working class communities around Cape Town, especially in informal settlements.

Ntebaleng is motivated by her vision of “building a country that addresses the injustices of our past whilst seeking alternatives for a just, inclusive and equal country. She believes that she is fortunate to work in a space where she is able to live out my politics even in the work place because the work that she does is aligned to her personal commitment to social justice in South Africa.

In both Morake’s life and work, she always address issues of structural and systematic inequality through using innovative and popular education to help others understand various political issues in both our immediate surroundings and the global village at large.