Napo Masheane: Artistic Director (AD)
Is a multi-award winning playwright, director, poet and acclaimed performer on both national and international stages. Napo is one of the leading South African black female theatre-makers, constantly crossing geographical, academic and artistic borders, through cultural exchanges, guest-lecturing, and with her provocative plays, ‘My Bum Is Genetic Deal With It’, ‘A New Song ‘, ‘KHWEZI… Say My Name’ and ‘My Vagina Was Not Buried With Him’, to name a few. A founding member of Feela Sistah! Spoken Word Collective and Village Gossip Productions and previously the Deputy Artistic Director at the South African State Theatre, with qualifications in Marketing Management, Speech & Drama and a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing, Napo has just been announced as the Artistic Director of Sibikwa Arts Centre.