Atlantic Fellow based at Tekano

Mrs. Judiac Ranape is a Comprehensive Health Nurse trainer and an abortion provider in the Southern/Western substructure of the Department of Health in Cape Town South Africa. Born in Soweto, Judiac completed her schooling amidst the riots and school uprisings in Soweto. She studied for Diploma in General, Community, Midwifery and Psychiatric nursing Science and graduated in 1994 at Coronation Hospital (Raheema Moosa hospital). Since then Judiac has obtained a Diploma in Critical Nursing Care, a BTech in Primary Healthcare and a Masters in Nursing Education.

Judiac has many years of experience working in both private and health care sectors in South Africa. Her history as a healthcare practitioner includes; working in ICU, being a Community Health Nurse for the Department of Health to name a few. It was in 2008, after completing the Contraceptive and Fertility course, that her passion for women’s health was ignited. A passion which eventually lead her to being an abortion provider after successfully completing the Manual Vacuum Aspiration (surgical abortion) & Medical Abortion course with IPAS (SA).

In April 2016 she joined a team of experts to go to the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in London to develop training manuals for Comprehensive Abortion care. She is the Master trainer For Comprehensive abortion Care for Leading Safe Choices in the WC.

Today, Judiac is a Comprehensive Health Nurse Trainer for DoH, and a wife. She is an ex chairperson of the Sexual, Reproductive Justice Coalition (SRJC). She remains a member of the SRJC & SRJC Health providers. She supports the sex workers at SWEAT through advocacy and provides SRH and abortion services by linking them to primary health care facilities in the districts. Judiac also works with the Triangle project to support the LGBTI community to access SRH, abortion other health care services at the primary health care facilities in the districts.